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Burlington Chapter Presentations

Thank you for your interest in providing an educational presentation for the Burlington Chapter. We highly value the resources that our Associate Business Members can provide to the Association, including but not limited to continuing education. We strive to provide educational, non-marketing presentations for our members, as such we have created a brief application for your presentation to be considered.  Please note that all presentations are subject to review and approval by the Chapter President & Association .

Although we understand that presentations may reference your specific product or service, any presentations that are deemed to be “sales pitches” will be denied. We request that if your product or service is mentioned in your presentation that you include educational content to support its value. For example, for products or brands, explain the technology of the product and/or how the technology can be beneficial to a school district.


  • Presentation should be 5-15 minutes and be primarily informational. 

  • Products may be mentioned but refrain from denigrating other products. 

  • All presentations & handouts should be sent to the president of the chapter and vendor rep in advance for approval.  Presentations are scheduled on a first come first serve basis with preference given to a chapter member. 

Presentation Application

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